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Finding a hydration product that gives you clean and natural energy and that actually tastes great is nearly impossible…until now.

Stop feeling like you are constantly running on empty
Have the stamina to maintain clear focus and energy throughout your work day
Enjoy great tasting hydration (actually) to fuel you on the worksite



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We have spent many years formulating a great tasting, safe and natural hydration product that will provide you with the stamina and endurance you need to get through your work day.
Formulated from direct feedback on what our customers want, Bindilyte is the new generation in hydration and electrolytes. It is designed to taste great and improve your performance and mental focus on the worksite through rapid hydration.

the future of hydratION

Triple Electrolyte Advantage

In the early days of sports drinks and electrolytes there simply weren’t products that addressed the full electrolyte profile that athletes and workers require to perform at their best. Crafting the perfect combination is a unique skill that required bringing the latest science and research together into the next-generation of electrolyte mix in a combination that we now know as Bindi’s Triple Electrolyte Advantage©

Bindilyte is unique because it ticks all the boxes in terms of performance and rapid hydration and aiding muscle support and function. However the real magic of the Bindilyte formula lies in the fact that it actually tastes good and is gentle on the stomach compared to the older style electrolyte options. Without this key factor, workers simply don’t consume enough electrolytes to support them and so are still at risk of heat stress or dehydration.

We have tested our Triple Electrolyte Advantage© over many years and thousands of athletes, and now our next-generation Bindilyte is here to hydrate your workforce.

We have toughened up our approach to hydration

Low-Sugar Formula

Safe & Natural Ingredients

Taste is bloody amazing

The Perfect Combination of:

We have toughened up our approach to hydration

Low-Sugar Formula

Safe & Natural Ingredients

Taste is bloody amazing

What do customers say?


If it doesn’t taste good, you won’t drink it, right?!

That’s why a bloody good flavour is the starting point for all our hydration products. Plus, the natural flavours we created are safe and delicious without any artificial additives. Win-win!
We get it; the taste profile of any electrolyte mix is critical so that you will drink enough to keep hydrated at work.

The last thing you need at work is extra sugar.

We engineered our Bindilyte formulation to be 99% Sugar-Free and without the metallic aftertaste which is common in many other sweeteners. Bindilyte single-serve sachets contain less than 0.1g of a natural sweetener Thaumatin*.

*Thaumatin comes from the Katemfe Fruit which is native to Sudan and West Africa. This protein is 2,000 times sweeter than sugar, making it the most potent natural sweetener.

If you sweat a lot then water will not provide adequate hydration at work.

In harsh Aussie conditions it is vital that oral electrolyte solutions are used instead of water. They will quickly replenish lost electrolytes and fluids. The correct balance of electrolytes means fluids are easier to absorb and they will hydrate quickly into your body for deep cellular hydration.

Made in WA

Ready to ship within 24h from Perth

You don’t have to tough it out any more.

Work gets easier when you are hydrated.

We are a West Australian company, which means that we understand the harsh WA conditions that our outdoors or underground can dish up on a long, hot shift.

This is why we made a bloody good hydration product to help get you through and perform at your best.

Specialists Say

Alessandra Trovato

Certified Nutritionist R.Nutr.
Bachelor of Nutrition Science
Founder of Alessandra Nutrition
Nutrition Writer

“Working in the health and allied health industry it’s great to see brands that promote a healthy lifestyle, good nutrition and staying hydrated, all of which are key aspects of my work. Bindi has an amazing range catering to everyone from your average person to elite athletes, making it not only delicious but also functional.“

David Bryant

Advanced Sports Dietitian
Australian Paratriathalon Champion (PTS5)
Tokyo 2021 Paratriathalon
Level 1 Triathlon Coach Certified Personal Trainer

“Being a sports dietitian and elite triathlete, Bindi is my sports drink of choice that I recommend to clients and use everyday on the #swimbikerun ! Bindi is the perfect product for someone looking to maximise their performance and maintain optimal hydration and electrolyte status.“

Elena Nesci

Head Coach & Owner, eSWIM
Masters Swimming Australia Coach
Qualified AUSTSWIM Instructor
Masters Swimming Australia National Coaching Committee

“My swimmers need to fuel their bodies in order to perform their best at training and in races. The Bindi Nutrition range is not only delicious but it provides options for all facets of the training cycle and contributes to successful outcomes.”

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