Work gets easier when you are hydrated.

Finding a the average outdoor worker can sweat 4-5 litres in a ten hour shift. Even mild dehydration of only 1% fluid loss can have significant health and safety implications such as:

Fatigue, nausea and impaired coordination
Poor concentration and decision making
Increased risk of injury at work

The Perfect Combination of:

Sugar-Free & Safe.

All Day Long.

We are a West Australian company, which means that we understand the harsh WA conditions that our outdoors or underground can dish up on a long, hot shift.

This is why we made a bloody good hydration product to help get you through and perform at your best.

Engineered To

Taste Great

The taste profile of any electrolyte mix is critical so that workers will drink enough each day. The natural flavours we created are safe and delicious without any artificial additives.
We engineered our Bindilyte formulation to be 99% Sugar-Free and without the metallic aftertaste which is common in many other sweeteners. Bindilyte single-serve sachets contain less than 0.1g of a natural sweetener Thaumatin*.

*Thaumatin comes from the Katemfe Fruit which is native to Sudan and West Africa. This protein is 2,000 times sweeter than sugar, making it the most potent natural sweetener.

the future of hydratION

Triple Electrolyte Advantage

In the early days of sports drinks and electrolytes there simply weren’t products that addressed the full electrolyte profile that athletes and workers require to perform at their best. Crafting the perfect combination is a unique skill that required bringing the latest science and research together into the next-generation of electrolyte mix in a combination that we now know as Bindi’s Triple Electrolyte Advantage©

Bindilyte is unique because it ticks all the boxes in terms of performance and rapid hydration and aiding muscle support and function. However the real magic of the Bindilyte formula lies in the fact that it actually tastes good and is gentle on the stomach compared to the older style electrolyte options. Without this key factor, workers simply don’t consume enough electrolytes to support them and so are still at risk of heat stress or dehydration.

We have tested our Triple Electrolyte Advantage© over many years and thousands of athletes, and now our next-generation Bindilyte is here to hydrate your workforce.

What do workers say?

Made in WA

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Bindilyte Hydration Mix provides you with all the hydration and electrolytes you need to stay safe and productive during your work day. Try it for yourself.

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