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The travelling triathlete… Brandon

Travelling can be a big part of the sport of triathlon – whether it is a few hours to a race or even overseas.  The tricky logistics of nutrition, hydration and bike transport can really derail your ideal race. Our star Bindi athlete Brandon, travels regularly for races, so we pumped him for his best advice on avoiding the pitfalls such as dehydration, food poisoning and mechanicals.

Countdown to Busso

The half Ironman weekend brings thousands of people flocking to the coastal town of Busselton, the home of Bindi Nutrition. With that in mind, we thought we’d give you a list of Bindi’s top 5 favourite places to visit in Busselton. The jetty is impressively long and the Goose bar and restaurant is super popular, but here are the secret places the locals love…

Give DOMS the flick

We’ve all been there – we’ve taken time off training, then gone back into the gym and gone hard, thinking we can lift what we lifted before the break. Or we’ve upped the training load to “crazy” in the pursuit of a new goal (Ironman, anyone?) only to wake up the next morning unable to walk with a serious case of DOMS…

A day in the life of Hoppy

Andrea “Hoppy” Hopkin is a self confessed tough nut, she is very  goal driven and has high expectations of herself.  Last December she suffered a bulging disc and had to take training right back to square one.  Recently she had a successful comeback to racing at Karri Valley Triathlon, and all signs are looking good for a standout performance at  Strongman Japan in April 2018. 
We caught up with her to find out… what does a regular day of training look like for this triathlete? 

Independent product testing gives confidence in Bindi

At Bindi, we have chosen to undertake voluntary and independent product testing by HASTA for WADA banned substances. Not only did our sports hydration product pass the stringent HASTA testing, but like all our range is some of the most effective on the market.

3 Smart strategies to avoid the Christmas bulge

It’s time to enjoy all Christmas has to offer, so we turned to Simone Allen from Nutrition Works for her three top strategies to help you enjoy the festive season! Wishing you Merry Christmas from the Bindi Team x

Endurance Swim Nutrition

“Endurance swimming is not about who can do the most amount of training, on the least amount of fuel. Practice your race nutrition in training, as your performance will improve in the KEY sessions, as will your guts’ ability to tolerate and digest fuel come race day”. Read on for some fantastic advice from leading Sports Dietitian David Bryant on how to nail your endurance swim nutrition.

Kona – the beautiful and brutal race

Kona – it’s not just an Ironman race.  It’s so difficult to understand beauty of the island, the race, and the Hawaiian people that it’s no wonder people describe it with equal parts myth, legend and awe.  So until you step foot off that plane into the heat and humidity you can’t really understand what you are about to face. 

Realising the Kona dream

Beginning triathlon is something I always wanted to do, however with a busy career as a vet and then moving into motherhood I had to bide my time.  Five years ago – with 3 boys under the age of 5 and a very supportive husband – I entered my first Half Ironman and so this incredible journey began. 

Ready to nail your bike nutrition this season?

This month we have an insightful Q&A with Nathan Groch, who is one of our experienced long course Bindi athletes. Nathan lives and trains in north west WA in very hot and harsh conditions, and certainly knows how to nail his bike nutrition.  He shares so much gold here, so read on to find out why you’ll never find anything taped to his bike!