Nutrition Info

Ready to nail your bike nutrition this season?

This month we have an insightful Q&A with Nathan Groch, who is one of our experienced long course Bindi athletes. Nathan lives and trains in north west WA in very hot and harsh conditions, and certainly knows how to nail his bike nutrition.  He shares so much gold here, so read on to find out why you’ll never find anything taped to his bike! 

How to use Caffeine and Beetroot to enhance performance

There are a number of natural supplements which are actually proven to enhance performance, with caffeine and beetroot the most popular right now. To make life simple, we have put together a handy guide on how to use these supplements to get the most benefit.

What’s the buzz about Supergreens?

Supergreens and superfoods in general are getting plenty of media hype, and quite rightly so. Supergreens contain antioxidants, enzymes, and phytonutrients which pack a real nutritional punch. Let’s have a look at why they really do work to alleviate the physical stress of exercise.

Let’s talk about drug testing in sport…

We are often aware of drug testing in elite athletes and sports people, however anti-doping policies extend right through to recreational athletes. It is becoming increasingly common for athletes of any ability to be targeted for testing, and we have a look at some current issues surrounding drug testing and supplementation in sport.

Low Carb High Fat

Low carb, high fat, fat oxidisation, periodisation….
​All different ways of eating and approaching training and all claiming they are THE BEST! Are you just a bit confused?