Eat Your Way To A Healthier Summer

Summer is here! For many of us this means it’s time for a well-deserved vacation and some relaxation with a cocktail preferably in hand. Pool side parties, BBQ’s, Christmas (if you’re in sunny Australia), there’s no shortage of endless fun during the summer months. However, you may find that summertime is when all your healthy routines and habits go out the window. Here are our top tips to eat your way to a healthier summer.


Mindfulness is a term that is increasingly common whether you’re listening to podcasts, watching TV or even scrolling through your Instagram feed.  Practising mindfulness into your diet helps you to reach your health and fitness goals. Some simple ways to be more mindful with your nutrition include:

  • Learning to listen and acknowledge your body’s hunger cues. Being in tune with your body helps you to realise when you’re feeling hungry, as well as when you’re feeling full.
  • Chew your food. You’d be surprised to know that many of us are in such a rush to eat that we forget to really taste our food. Taking the time to note down the flavours and textures levels up your eating experience.
  • Avoiding distractions. Trying to fit everything into a small window can be a really overwhelming task. However, eating with many distractions takes your focus away from your meal. Taking in a quiet 20 minute period to eat each meal allows you to focus solely on your meal.
Eat Your Way To A Healthier Summer

Everything In Moderation

Eating healthy in the summer can be a tricky art to master. Your social calendar is quickly filling up and your regular schedule is thrown out the window. It can be overwhelming, however with a little preparation you can have your cake and eat it too.

  • Plan your day out. If you know that you are going to be eating out at dinner, enjoying a lighter lunch. As well as this filling up on protein rich snacks helps keep you feeling satisfied.
  • Snack before going out. Have you ever arrived at a party ravenously hungry only to eat everything in sight? Party foods are usually high in saturated fats as well as sugars, so filling up on some protein rich snacks before help keep the hunger pangs at bay. Enjoy a tablespoon of peanut butter on some rice cakes, or a handful of nuts before going out the door.

Eat Your Way To A Healthier Summer

Staying Hydrated

Making water your go to drink has many perks. Water helps to avoid dehydration, keep you feeling full between meals as well as keeps your skin dewy and plump. Our top tips are:

  • For every cocktail have a glass of water. This helps you to avoid those nasty hangovers that often follow a night on the town.
  • To enjoy a refreshing summertime drink, infuse some of your favourite fruits with water. This creates a flavoursome nutritious drink.
  •  Add a teaspoon of Bindilyte to your water for extra flavour and essential electrolytes, without adding unnecessary sugar.
  • Before heading out the door, make sure you have a glass of water.

Keeping hydrated is one of the simplest ways you can keep your health and fitness levels up this summer. For more on the benefits of hydration you can check out our earlier post here.

Add More Fruits And Vegetables

Perhaps one of the best parts of summer is the amazing abundance of fruits and vegetables in season. Take advantage of the amazing flavours on offer and elevate your meal with some delicious summertime meals. Here are our quick ways to add more fruits and veggies into your day.

  • Make your own ice blocks using fruits such as strawberries, blueberries, mangoes, coconut. You can freeze them in water or natural juice, just be wary of the sugar content.
  • Fill up 1/2 your plate with veggies first. Some of our favourite ways to enjoy vegetables in the summer are grilled on the bbq, in a salad, as part of foods such as burgers and tacos.
  • Be creative. Do you have a recipe you want to trial? Take advantage of your holidays and have some fun in the kitchen. You’ll be able to eat your way to a healthier summer in no time.
Eat Your Way To A Healthier Summer

Establishing some good routines and habits during the summer can help you get the best of both worlds. Being healthier during the summer months doesn’t mean compromising on flavour or fun. Follow our simple tips to eat your way to a healthier summer.

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