Got an event? Here’s how sponsorship and nutrition works with BINDI

Summer in Australia might be beach weather and time for holidays… but for sports enthusiasts it is often race season! Every weekend is a triathlon, an open water swim, a fun run or criterium it seems.  This all makes us VERY busy at BINDI over this time of year (which is what we live for, of course!)  You will see us at many events across the season, and we also support many more that we don’t attend in person.   

Below is some info on how we work with events… so whether it is a big corporate event or a small club race that you are involved in, we can support you and show you how we can work together to make your event a success. 

1. Athlete Hydration:  We’ve all been to a race where the ‘on course’ electrolytes weren’t exactly delicious; they weren’t mixed correctly, or even worse they upset the tummy of athletes.  Getting hydration and aid stations right on course is absolutely vital.  We have many years of experience in fuelling athletes at aid stations, and so we can advise you on quantities you’ll require, mixing techniques and volumes, and even a checklist of all the things you will need to run an aid station.  We can’t stress enough how much of a difference this will make to the competitors on course to be well hydrated with a product they’ll actually love. 

2. Race Day Experience: Providing nutrition out on course is vital, however the finish line experience is up there too.  You will often see our attractive stall near the finish line of events which serves the purpose of creating atmosphere for the event, and ensuring that athletes are looked after well.  Spectators and friends can also mill around and visit the stall, which helps add a buzz to the overall race day experience.

3. Race Day Freebies and Samples:  Everyone wants to try before they buy!  Coming to events is a perfect way for athletes to get a taste test of products, and we have plenty of free samples for competitors and spectators alike.   Most times we run a race day giveaway, which the event organisers can draw as a prize at presentations.   Happy days!

4. Race Day Sales and Discounts: If there’s one thing we know about expos and events is that, everyone loves a good special! Maybe it’s the excitement or adrenalin buzz, but athletes love to get a ‘special’ deal at an event, and so we work with you to ensure we have a special that they will love (and will return for to the event again in future).  

4. Social Media Promotion and Content: Being social is what we’re all about at BINDI. In the lead up to your event, we will create tips and images you can use on your social media, which is specific to your type of event.  We also have a large following on our own channels, and we can also promote your event to help with awareness and entries as needed. On race day we capture as much as possible on our socials, which helps to create a race day story which people love to see.  

If you have an event you are working on, or even one you attend which would benefit from BINDI… simply fill the form below and will be in touch with our pricing and sponsorship packages: 

Look forward to seeing you at an event soon!