Bindi Organic Pea Protein

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Hard training and epic workouts can be tough… so you’ll need to recover fast with our clean, natural and 100% plant-based protein.

Every cell needs protein to repair and regenerate, so use Bindi Pea Protein to kick-start kick-start your recovery or as a healthy, natural supplement.

Easy to digest and rich in BCAA’s, our smooth and creamy vegan protein will keep you feeling fuller for longer and will support you to achieve your lean muscle goals.

Quick facts
  • Bindi Protein is Australian Made
  • Easy to absorb
  • Contains less sugar
  • 22g of Protein per Serve
  • BCAAs

Vanilla Protein

Organic Pea Protein 97%, Natural Vanilla Flavour, Natural Sweetener (thaumatin)

Chocolate Protein

Organic Pea Protein 88%, Organic cacao powder 8.5%, Natural Chocolate Flavour, Natural Sweetener (thaumatin)


Our Bindi flavours are 100% natural and we use vanilla beans for a gentle but distinctly delicious flavour. This makes vanilla protein the perfect choice to use in smoothies and baking. Or simply mix with water for a smooth and creamy protein shake.

Pea Protein

Pea Protein is a high quality, plant-based protein and a great source of iron. It can aid muscle development, weight loss and heart health. Bindi Protein contains 88% alkalinising pea protein which is easy to digest; it keeps you fuller for longer and avoids creating inflammation in the body like other proteins. Pea protein is free from dairy, soy, wheat and gluten and mixes smoothly with water or milks.


Thaumatin comes from the Katemfe Fruit which is native to Sudan and West Africa. It is a protein and is 2,000 times sweeter than sugar, making it the most potent natural sweetener. With thaumatin, we ditch the metallic aftertaste which is common in many other sweeteners.

Vanilla Pea Protein
Servings per package : 16
Serving size : 30g
Average quantity per 30g serve Average Quantity per 100g
Energy 461kj 1539kj
Protein 23g 77g
Fat, total 2.3g 8g
- Saturated <1g <1g
Carbohydrate 3.8g 13g
- Sugars 169mg 564mg
Sodium 1mg 3.5mg

Storage Advice

Replace lid tightly after use. Store in a cool, dry place.

When To Use Protein

✔️ For use after training or throughout the day ✔️ For quick recovery ✔️ For lean muscle development ✔️Add 3 Tbsp (30g) to water, milk or a smoothie ✔️ Can be used in baked goods

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Bindi Natural Sports Hydration has a combination of carbohydrate sources: Maltodextrin (easy to digest and metabolised slowly) and Fructose (fruit sugar which is absorbed quickly). This combination of carbohydrates in a 2:1 ratio is proven to increase performance by 55% in athletes.

Bindi replaces all the important electrolytes you sweat out: Sodium (at higher levels than most sports drinks), Potassium and Magnesium (to support muscle function).

Having enough sodium will replace your losses through sweat, it will drive your hydration (it actually helps you absorb fluid) and help you retain and distribute fluid adequately.

Bindi is different for many reasons: It has combined carbohydrates which are proven to improve your performance, and is easy to digest which means you will have all day energy without gut issues.

Bindi is formulated with the ideal electrolyte mix for Australian conditions and it contains 30% less sugar than major sports drinks.

Athletes love our delicious natural flavours and the fact that Bindi is Australian Made and owned.

One serve of Bindi provides 27g of carbs. This is when 2 scoops of Bindi are mixed with 500ml water. This will give a carbohydrate percentage of 5.4% which is low enough to avoid gut distress which can occur with some sports drinks.

We recommend one serve of Bindi per hour of intense exercise. This will give 500ml fluid and 27g of carbohydrates. You may need roughly 750ml of fluid and 30-90g of carbohydrates per hour, so we recommend adding extra carbohydrate sources and water for big training sessions and races (try a banana, vegemite sandwich, energy bar or gel).

25 reviews for Bindi Organic Pea Protein

  1. Heidi M.

    This was one of the nicest proteins I have had. Didn’t give me a belly ache or an upset stomach. Which sometimes happens when I try new proteins. Awesome after a workout or training session.

  2. Jody R.

    Easily mixes with my post run smoothies. Nice taste and very easy on the stomach.

  3. Steve

    Absolutely love this Vanilla Pea Protein! 💪No Gums, Fillers or even bitter Stevia… Love the fact that this protein is organic, uses thaumatin as the sweetener and only natural flavours! Minimal, clean and all you need in a convenient protein powder.

  4. Jon P.

    You can taste the quality!

  5. Phil

    Excellent product, mixes well, great natural product. Gentle on stomach. Meets my recovery needs!

  6. Sylvia F.

    Tastiest protein powder I’ve tried

  7. Mitch

    Celebrations are in order! For too long I searched for a protein powder that had a real taste and wasn’t powdery in a drink. Welcome Bindi. The prefect balance of flavour and texture with all the required ingredients to give your recovery the ultimate start. Iv been using bindi proteins daily to help in post training recovery to give me the best chance of backing up for ultra marathon training!

  8. Alyce

    Love this product. Great for recovery and so gentle on the stomach. Plus it tastes AMAZING! I either make a shake or Bindi overnight oats with it in. Must try!

  9. Sandi S.

    It’s a bit sweet but otherwise great

  10. Phil

    Excellent flavour and mixes well. Recommended.

  11. Matt S.

    Great for Avocado Muffins

  12. Tara

    This protein powder tastes great (I like Vanilla for its versatility) mixes well – I bought the shaker bottle (excellent design, and has measure on side and easy pour lid). Very happy with the quality of this.

  13. Lee P.

    Tastes great!!

  14. Trudi S.

    My ‘go to’ following every swim, bike, run, gym, race! Delicious, easy to digest, and packed with pea protein which is great for muscle recovery. Give it a try, you’ll love it!

  15. Trent B.


  16. Hannah

    I started drinking Bindi Pea Protein about 3 months ago after really upping my training volume. I couldn’t believe the difference in my recovery time- especially trying to back up a big morning bike ride with a pool session that afternoon, if I had a recovery shake with breakfast I’d be ready to go again after work. Significantly reduced fatigue and also stops me feeling hungry all day! Tastes so good I just mix it with water- it’s the best!!

  17. Andrea

    The Chocolate Pea Protein is the bomb!! I use it to make a choc/peanut butter protein balls following Bindi’s recipe.
    They make for the perfect treat or mid ride snack.

  18. Andrea

    This is my go-to as soon as I walk in the door from sessions!!
    I always have frozen bananas in the freezer. Keeping it nice and simple by just adding milk, natural yoghurt and Vanilla Bindi Protein.
    Yum! The perfect recovery smoothie.

  19. Leah B.

    I’m not even kidding. This protein powder is PERFECT after a big workout. I love that it plant based but, importantly, it doesn’t have a terrible aftertaste or consistency like a lot of other brands I’ve tried. I mix it with VERY COLD (almost freezing) water and shake shake shake – and it’s just the ticket to help the recovery process – and tastes amazing! It’s also great thrown in a smoothie. Again, no yuck aftertaste and it mixes really well. I have tried it with milk when I need a quick breakfast hit and it’s just as good. I recently gave a friend some of mine to try and she loved it. Bonus points for being Australian Made 🙂 It helped me recover well while training for ironman last year and other long and short distance events.

  20. Missy B.

    As a plantbased athlete, finding a tasty vegan protein that mixes up beautifully and blends perfectly into baking – well, it was like winning the lottery! Great for slamming down quick after a strength workout, or upping the nutrient value of my energy ball recipe, Bindi protein powder is the complete package. I highly recommend this product :heart_eyes:

  21. Sarah

    Recovery has never been more important than when training for an Ironman to ensure you are recovered for the next big session. Depending on the session, I add the vanilla bean protein to either my morning smoothie or with water if training away from home. I find its easily drinkable, tastes great (even with water) whether being mixed with milk or coconut water and its versatile enough to be added in things like protein balls and protein pancakes (see Bindi’s recipe’s page). An essential part in my Ironman training nutrition.

  22. Ryan T.

    Bindi protein powder is one of the cleanest protein powders on the market. Complete with pea protein and natural sweetners. The pea protein being packed with the amino acid leucine assists with muscle synthesis and allows me to recover between my packed training schedule. Less than 1g of sugar and 5g of carbs per serve Bindi is ultimately the most cost effective and delicious performance protein on the market

    It is my go to recovery snack.

  23. Bryan M

    A pure clean pea protein that taste delicious. I use this product on a daily basis for post sessions to speed up my recovery process. Highly recommended.

  24. Mike M

    Best protein I’ve tried. Clean ingredients, gentle on the stomach. I either drink it with water or create my own smoothie.

  25. Brandon C

    As a triathlete I’ve found the bindi pea protein to be an awesome recovery tool, helping me back up for sessions faster and build lean muscle. Has a great flavour even mixed with water unlike many others! Would recommend to anyone, the vanilla is a must try!

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