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All the energy you need to fuel your best performance is right here in our Complete Sample Pack.

Taste our clean & natural, Australian nutrition products and you won’t look back!

💚A perfect way to try before you buy, the Complete Sample Pack includes three full serves of our bestselling Natural Sports Hydration; two serves of Sugar-Free Bindilyte; plus our Organic Protein and Supergreens for recovery.

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Storage Advice

Replace lid tightly after use. Store in a cool, dry place.

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Bindi Natural Sports Hydration has a combination of carbohydrate sources: Maltodextrin (easy to digest and metabolised slowly) and Fructose (fruit sugar which is absorbed quickly). This combination of carbohydrates in a 2:1 ratio is proven to increase performance by 55% in athletes.

Bindi replaces all the important electrolytes you sweat out: Sodium (at higher levels than most sports drinks), Potassium and Magnesium (to support muscle function).

Having enough sodium will replace your losses through sweat, it will drive your hydration (it actually helps you absorb fluid) and help you retain and distribute fluid adequately.

Bindi is different for many reasons: It has combined carbohydrates which are proven to improve your performance, and is easy to digest which means you will have all day energy without gut issues.

Bindi is formulated with the ideal electrolyte mix for Australian conditions and it contains 30% less sugar than major sports drinks.

Athletes love our delicious natural flavours and the fact that Bindi is Australian Made and owned.

One serve of Bindi provides 27g of carbs. This is when 2 scoops of Bindi are mixed with 500ml water. This will give a carbohydrate percentage of 5.4% which is low enough to avoid gut distress which can occur with some sports drinks.

We recommend one serve of Bindi per hour of intense exercise. This will give 500ml fluid and 27g of carbohydrates. You may need roughly 750ml of fluid and 30-90g of carbohydrates per hour, so we recommend adding extra carbohydrate sources and water for big training sessions and races (try a banana, vegemite sandwich, energy bar or gel).

Pea Protein is easy to digest, it will keep you feeling fuller for longer than whey, and it doesn’t create inflammation in the body.

Organic Pea Protein will kick-start lean muscle development and recovery and is easy to mix with water or various milks.

Many protein powders will have added chemicals, fillers and incredible nutritional claims.  Don’t be fooled by the hype and a long list of ingredients of some protein powders.

Using any type of protein in your recovery window will kick start your recovery.  However the benefits of using a plant based protein are clear:

  • they are easier to digest;
  • they cause less gastrointestinal issues;
  • will keep you feeling fuller for longer;
  • they are less likely to cause inflammation in the body.

We know that whey proteins have been shown to play a potential role in the development of some cancers.  Some people aren’t able to tolerate dairy foods, and so using a plant-based protein can be a great health choice.

Most people will get enough protein in their diet, but if you get the timing and type of protein right you can really boost your recovery. Your body has a neat little recovery window for up to an hour after an exercise, so using protein in this window will kick-start lean muscle development. This will initiate recovery from the exercise induced trauma to your muscles and prepare you for the next session. Science show the best recovery fuel is carbs and protein in a ratio of 4:1 to minimize muscle breakdown, replace glycogen stores and support the immune system.

Bindilyte is simply our custom Bindi electrolytes without the carbs.  It is a sugar-free electrolyte powder – perfect to add to your water any time of day to replenish what your are sweating out. Use it for work, rest or play!

Bindilyte is great for light training sessions or shorter sessions. After any training session it is important to rehydrate and recover, and Bindilyte is the perfect low-sugar, low calorie option for that. It’s safe for kids too!

If you are training hard for more than an hour, it is best to use our Bindi Natural Sports Hydration as it supplies you with carbohydrates as well as electrolytes.


You may eat well, train hard, recover well but find all of that plus work and family and friends can get very tiring. It’s also very challenging for your immune system to keep up. Supergreens are like a supercharged multivitamin, they include antioxidants for immune support and will help you handle stress, illness, fatigue and a heavy training load much better.

Supergreens can be horrible, earthy tasting and hard to stomach. That’s why we blended ours with fresh greens and superfruits and added a delicious bust of cranberry.  They are yummy enough to drink on their own with water as an everyday supplement to your diet. You can also add to a juice or a smoothie to support your immune system and fight stress and fatigue.

Supergreens are definitely an everyday supplement to your diet. Add it to water a juice or smoothie each day to support your immune system and fight stress and fatigue. Try adding it to beetroot juice for an extra burst of nitrates to increase your performance.

17 reviews for Complete Sample Pack

  1. Jen J.

    I tried the sample pack and it was a perfect way to try the products and decide what your favourites are 🤗

  2. Ian T.

    It would be good to have the Bindilyte in sachets for hiking. Trying to keep measured amounts in a pack is a PITA. Happy to pay for the increased cost.

  3. Jordina Q.

    I’ve never used performance hydration before but after seeing the amazing Carley (one of your ambassadors) using Bindi I thought I’d give it a try! The sample pack was exactly the starter I needed. Loved the flavours, taste and energy that the performance hydration gave me for my half marathon 😀 Thank you!

  4. Jenine W.

    Great to try all the options and offer people some samples before they decide what favour they would like to get

  5. Murray H.

    Thank you for the chance to try a number of your products in a sample pack. All delicious. Can’t believe I can get the whole family to drink supergreens without hiding it in anything else. Thanks for a great tasting product that’s so good for us.

  6. Tara G.

    Loved them all. Would love to have the packs for travel as I work in aviation these are perfect for my trips.

  7. Ben A.

    Love the products, especially the Zesty Lemon/Lime. Gut issues are my problem and I have had no dramas since using this. Love it !!

  8. Justine Q.

    You won’t need to buy another sample pack after you buy this bindi one! Amazing way to taste these products!

  9. Kylie M.

    I have just about tried every nutrition on the market……Bindi is now my go to! Flavours are tasty, quick shipping, from Busselton WA! Love supporting local business.

  10. Linda J.

    Great 🙂

  11. Ann R.

    I used the hydration samples during a 35k walk recently & they helped keep my hydration on point. Loved the melon mojo the most!

  12. Helen P.

    The sample pack was a great intro to your product & I was impressed by the quality

  13. Darryn B.

    Arrived quickly and was good to sample the different flavours. Will definitely be ordering again

  14. Katey S.

    Perfect pack to sample key products. Turns out I loved them all!! Finally found greens that don’t taste like horse feed!

  15. Tina L.

    I really liked the pea protein powders and the super greens powder but i found the electrolyte powders not to my liking.

  16. Oleg B.

    Great sampler of every Bindi product

  17. Ryan H.

    Felt the difference once I fuelled up properly with Bindi! Got some the next day from a retailer.

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