Anthea Brown

Swim,ermin water

Hi, I’m Anthea. I’m an adventure racer, ocean swimmer & water polo player from Yallingup, Western Australia


My favourite achievements from my 3 disciplines include: 1. Representing Australia in the National Country Water Polo team in New Zealand 2. Completing the 20km Solo Rottnest Channel Swim 3. Placing 1st Female in the Rapid Ascent X-Adventure Race

Don’t limit your challenges, challenge your limits

What Inspires You

My training squad - Tuffnup Tri (Coach Mick) My 2 boys, Fletcher & Lawson, who look up to me and encourage me (and now love adventure races and water polo too) My best friend and training partner Claire Thompson

Big Goals

To marathon swim all over the world 🏊🏼‍♀️

Nutrition Tips

The importance of ‘Carbohydrate Loading’ before an endurance event. This process involves very high carbohydrate intake several days prior to the event while tapering... to make sure muscle glycogen stores will last the distance for energy and optimal physical performance. Bindi Sports Hydration is my go to for liquid carbs while carb loading, along with eating high carb foods. Liquid carbs are less filling to help reduce the ‘bloating’ feeling while carb loading.

Anthea's Favourite Bindi Products

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