Asha Hickford

Hi I’m Asha. I’m a in-line speed skater from Perth, Australia


Some of my current achievements include winning the Beidaihe International Marathon in China, Becoming a State, National and Oceanic Champion and holding 2 national records. I am currently training for the World Championships in July as well as a host of other competitions in Europe.

“There are no shortcuts to any place worth going.”

What Inspires You

I get most of my inspiration from the top athletes in my sport. Seeing the challenges many of them face and how they overcome adversity inspires me to continue when thing may not be going the way I hoped.

Big Goals

My ultimate goal is to become a world record holder and champion in in-line speed skating. I would also like to do the same in road cycling after I finish my skating career

Nutrition Tips

Recovery for athletes is incredibly important and something I value heavily to ensure I can compete and train back to back without excess fatigue. Consuming protein and carbs after a hard session is extremely helpful as well as replacing lost electrolytes.

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