Audrey Hall

Hey, I’m Audrey! I’m a distance runner, that loves running up mountains! I’m from Sydney, Cronulla; but when winter hits in the holidays you’ll find me at my other home in North Qld. I don’t function in the cold, I’m sure that I’m cold blooded!


• A personal achievement that meant a lot was when I first believed in my abilities as a runner (I came from a gymnastics, dancing and diving background). Even though I had many people telling me and my coach saying that I was capable of winning Nationals and go further, it took time to believe that. So winning Nationals, Mountain Running Champs in 2015 meant a lot and I went on to do better than I’d imagined at the World Champs in Wales. • Goals this year: 1) Be consistent in my training (this is a big one for me as a lot of the time I train alone and I battle during winter) 2) Training for XC and Mountain running Nationals/ World Champs in Thailand (although not sure if it’s going ahead) but we are aiming for it anyway. 3) Achieve some PBs in the 5k/10km, it’s been 4 years without a PB (through having injuries). Love to go sub 35 in this road racing season!

Oh I love quotes and have a few, but this one is my favourite: “Excellence is not a destination; it’s a continuous journey that never ends”...

What Inspires You

My dad will forever be my inspiration, not so much with running; (as he doesn’t actually like running more than 200m) but is his work ethic and how he doesn’t ever give up. He fought cancer and then worked extremely hard after being in an explosion when the doctors told us to prepare for the worse. Watching what he went through made me look at everything differently and be grateful for everything I have. He is one of a kind and inspires me to continually push myself and give 100% in everything that I do!

Big Goals

• Medal at an Open World Mountain Running Championships. • I’d love to step up to a marathon and qualify for the Commonwealth Games/ Olympics long term. • Achieve my full potential! • But in these strange times, I hope to continue to enjoy the process and keep running until I’m 100.

Nutrition Tips

• Nutrition has always been something I had to work on through trial and error. I have made so many mistakes. It’s something that is different for everyone. What I found is important though is after a hard session is getting in that post smoothie or chocolate milk in that 30 minute window works well for recovery. • A big one I found when I’m up training in Summer and more so where it’s particularly humid in Darwin and in North Qld is electrolytes/ magnesium are so important. You lose so much in sweat. So instead of drinking just plain water it’s important to replace it with a drink like Bindi Sports Hydration.

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