Ben Anderson

G'day. Its Ben from Cairns Far North Queensland. I am a Triathlete and Runner!!


I have two major achievements I am proud of. The first one was completing my first full distance Triathlon at home in Cairns before I turned 45. I completed this at 43. That was pretty amazing. The second is creating my Movember running campaign/challenge called run30formovember. Created in 2019, it involves running 1km per day for that day of the month all up to day 30. Total kms for the month is 465 !! Its a massive undertaking, not only physically but also mentally as well.

The journey is mine to follow The challenges are mine to overcome The decisions are mine to accept The results are mine to celebrate My own quote.

What Inspires You

I have been with my squad for the past 9 years now. Team Carling and Nick, the head coach is my best friend. He has taught me not only to be a good athlete but a better person as well. I love how my wife Holly, has embraced the sport as well. From running small events, working her way up to competing in a team for an Ironman, then completing her own Ironman 70.3 event. She has been there since day one, supporting me and I am proud of her and her own achievements.

Big Goals

As much as any Triathlete would love to go to Kona or World Championships, my goal is to globally spread the word about mental health, especially suicide awareness and prevention amongst young men. This can be done through keeping fit and being openly honest about feelings and communicating with others. I am an advocate for Men's Health through Movember, who I have been supporting for the last 13 years.

Nutrition Tips

I have always been affected by gut issues mainly in the last 8 years. I am just now understanding what food affects my body. With the help from my nutritionist, I have a better understanding of my body. I have embraced a plant based diet and its having positive effects on my body.

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