Bradley Mann

Hi, I’m Brad, I’m a Racewalker based in Perth, Western Australia.


Transitioning into the open age group and 20km distance. Starting to see the results in training which will hopefully translate on race day.

What is your why ?

What Inspires You

My family and training squad are both massive support for me, and there is no way I’d be where I am today without them. It’s a individual sport but I don’t think there is a way to do it on your own, well atleast I haven’t seen it.

Big Goals

Be competitive in Australia over the 20km Racewalk. At the moment I am just transitioning into the open age group but hopefully over the next few years, and with some hard training, I can be competitive at the top end of national races.

Nutrition Tips

Hydration is probably the main thing for me, I’m a big sweater, so being prepared before and during long training sessions is a big key for me. My favourite two products are Bindilyte and also the Bindi Sports Hydration. And of course just keeping a well rounded diet, nothing to fancy just getting in the right foods and eating clean.

Bradley's Favourite Bindi Products

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