Brandon Copeland

My name is Brandon Copeland, I'm a 24 year old triathlete from Kingscliff, NSW.


I am most proud of finishing 2nd at the 2019 Mooloolaba World Cup, 5th at the Under 23 World Championships and running under 30 minutes for 10km.

Train hard, race easy.

What Inspires You

I am inspired by my peers and the performances of others in my training squad. Surrounding yourself with like-minded athletes is paramount to success in my opinion. I am forever driven to be the best version of myself and achieve what I believe myself to be capable of.

Big Goals

The upcoming Commonwealth Games and Olympic games within the next 2-8 years are major goals of mine. Beyond racing and competing in the major games I would love to be competitive in Kona further along in my career.

Nutrition Tips

Staying hydrated with sports drink, not just water, is extremely important, especially throughout the hotter Summer months. Post training I find it very helpful to have a good source of protein within 30 minutes of completion (sooner the better in my eyes).

Brandon's Favourite Bindi Products

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