Bailey Christie

I am Bailey Christie and I am a Gravity Enduro and Cross Country Mountain Bike Rider from Perth, Western Australia.


I met my goals for 2020 to be the WA Gravity Enduro and Cross Country State Champion. The Nationals for Cross Country are in Maydena Tasmania in March. I will be on the podium as a First Year Under 19 competitor, and I will still only be 16. I also plan to do the same at the National Gravity Enduro Championships in the second half of the year. I am currently in Year 12.

Crank it up, Send it down

What Inspires You

I am self driven. I love riding my bikes, and enjoy the pleasure that I get from being on a bike. I want to be the best I can, while still enjoying being a teenager. I do follow many Enduro, Downhill and XC riders from all around the world and I take al the best bits and pieces from each one.

Big Goals

I am planning to make a career in Enduro, and travel the world to the most amazing mountain bike parks and tracks that exist.

Nutrition Tips

Plenty of fluids often and even more the day before an event, mixed with half strength Bindi Juicy Berry....Belinda gave me this awesome tip. Water during hard efforts and racing(I don’t add the electrolytes as my system has enough from preloading). Consuming Food during these exercises is important so I always carry Bindi Banana Bread bars and Cheese Cake bites, and also take a gel hit when needed. I’ll often smash a banana just before too. After rides and gym, I am straight into my Bindi Protein shakes, often blending with fruit and some ice. During the off season I did have a few things to eat which were not the best, but since hard training started again, I am very careful in reducing my sugar intake.

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