Carley Robbins

Hi! I'm Carley from sunny Perth, Western Australia - I'm a triathlete enjoying the journey of swim, bike and run 😊


Most proud of tackling my first Ironman in 2019 in New Zealand - despite being stung by bees, mucking up my nutrition and so many hills I made it a day I'll never forget so glad I got to go!

Hydration is KEY!

What Inspires You

I love the journey of training I've learnt to love the process whether I'm in a group or alone getting it done feels great! So many wonderful athletes that inspire me but Chris Nikic in 2020 was so inspirational for me 😊

Big Goals

Love to race another ironman again when we can! And eventually, make it to the big island of Kona!

Nutrition Tips

Hydration is KEY! Still finding the perfect balance but I know with some Bindi in my pocket or close by I'm always in safe hands.

Carley's Favourite Bindi Products

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