Caroline Chappell

smiling athlete

Hi, I'm Caroline. I'm a triathlete and runner, originally from Scotland. I now live on the Northern Beaches of Sydney.


I'm proud of every finish line I've crossed. The fact that I learnt to swim two years ago and completed a half Ironman last February. Every PB I've ever achieved. I'm super proud of it all.

A day without laugher is a day wasted. If you aren't happy, change it. Strong is the new beautiful

What Inspires You

First and foremost, my brother and sister. They are both incredible athletes themselves. My training buddies from my running group and triathlon group. They inspire/force me to get up and train everyday. They're my biggest fans and push me to do better.

Big Goals

To continue to push my boundaries, beat PB's and enjoy the sport.

Nutrition Tips

I start off every day with a smoothie made of pea protein, berries, banana, soy milk and coconut yoghurt. This fuels me for whatever session I have planned for that morning. After every session, I'm very aware that I need to refuel, even if it's just a banana and a protein bar. If I don't refuel or have electrolytes afterwards, I know I'm going to crash later on. Overall my diet is very healthy, but if I crave something "naughty", I won't deny myself it. It's all about balance.

Caroline's Favourite Bindi Products

Hot chocolate blend with magnesium

Hot Chocolate Sleep Blend

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