Michele Brown

Hi I’m Chele I’m a triathlete and runner from Redcliffe Queensland Australia


I’ve done 4 Half Ironman and doing my 5th this year, I’ve also done 1 marathon and 10 half marathons

Feel the fear and do it anyway

What Inspires You

My mum inspires me she taught yoga for 50 years, my partner inspires me, he’s done 8 Ironman. People that have anxieties and get out there and try inspire me.

Big Goals

My goal is too keep training and racing into my 70’s

Nutrition Tips

For me protein shakes work well, I have a sensitive gut so I have to be careful what I put in it when I race, so I stick to basics

Michele's Favourite Bindi Products

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Bindi Organic Pea Protein

Bindilyte Tropical low carb Flavours

Bindilyte 120g