Dave Forbes


Hi my name is Dave. I am a husband, father, triathlete and junior basketball coach from Perth, Western Australia.


In the sport of Triathlon the thing I am most proud of is completing the 2018 Half Ironman in Busselton. I came back in 2018 to race as I was prevented from entering the water in 2017 due to 'marine' life coming too close to the swim course. Although I didn't complete it in the time I was hoping for, the fact I managed to get to the finish line off minimal training was very rewarding. Unfortunately after 2018/19 season, I felt burnt out and really struggled to get back on the bike. This tri season I have just raced for the pure enjoyment and to be around other like minded people with my local club, Mandurah Tri Club. I am still not training as much as I should be (or at all sometimes!!) however I am enjoying the feeling of just finishing races regardless of distance or times. My goal for this year is to race in the Dwellingup 100, albeit the 35km distance. I haven't competed in mountain biking since I was in my 20's so I am looking forward to doing something a bit different. Plus, this will provide some different training for next tri season which I think I need to help refresh my body and mind. Somehow I will fit this in between my other commitments!!

PMA - Positive Mental Attitude. There is a vegan punk rocker in New York, John Joseph, who competes in Ironman races and I am currently reading his book after listening to numerous podcasts he has spoken on and he lives by three simple letters - PMA. For some reason this simple phrase really resonated with me and helped me get through the 2018 Half Ironman when I was really struggling on the run. This mantra can be applied to all aspects of your life whether it be sport, work or just everyday life.

What Inspires You

My family inspire me. When my wife started running a few years ago it really pushed me to train harder and more often. I enjoyed going for runs together no matter what distance or pace. Although I race for myself primarily, I also do it to show my kids and others that no matter what age or ability you should just give it a go. Quite often I am find myself towards the bottom of the list in race results however I keep telling my kids that it is about finishing something and the feeling of achievement in the end. Athletes I look up to and follow are not your everyday household names. However they resonate with me just because of how they view the world and life in general. Although having said that Dave Goggins is in the extreme category!! John Joseph Rich Roll Dave Goggins

Big Goals

I don't really have a big goal. I prefer to just pick something that I think is achievable and just have a go at it, like the Dwellingup 100. Depending on how I go this year, I would love to have a go at the full event. Just to tick off something else. Another event I would love to have on my completed list is the Cape to Cape!!

Nutrition Tips

4 years ago I changed to a plant based diet (really I am vegan but don't like the way this term is viewed in the main stream) I found my recovery from exercise and racing dramatically improved. However, you have to ensure you eat correctly as with any diet to make sure you are getting the right fuel into your body. There are extremely unhealthy vegan or plant based options out there now compared to a few years ago. Water, water and more water. Making sure you are hydrated is vitally important as it affects your energy levels. I find when I don't drink enough I feel lethargic.

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