Dee Roe

Hi, I'm Dee (Dorothy) and have run for enjoyment most of my life. I started getting into competition about 3 years ago, initially aiming for triathlon. As I swim like a legless brick those aspirations have transitioned into straight running. I am based in metropolitan WA and love the fact Bindi supports so many local events. My competitive running has coincided with several fundraising efforts to raise many for prostate cancer, which my brother died from last year at 51. I have also run to raise money for my mum's battle with rheumatoid arthritis (40 plus years), lymphoma and a 35 plus year fight against breast cancer, which looks like it is about to 'ramp up' again, unfortunately. I coach a running club at my school. I love running, it's an intrinsic part of me and my journey into competitive running has shown me how critical good nutrition, training and sleep are to sustaining your running journey, not just the successes. Recovery is a big focus, as we age, we need to ensure our bodies are given time to repair and recuperate to ensure you can get our each day and enjoy :)


Getting students into running at school 2018 ran my first half marathon 2019 set a state age group and gender record for the half marathon. 2019 - gold, silver, bronzes at the Masters Athletics National Championships - 10,000 m, 1500m, 5,000m & 8 km xc 2020- ran my first marathon in Busselton in difficult conditions and just went over 3:30 (3:31) 2021 - Barossa Marathon - 3:20:30 - marathon 2 done with a negative split. Goals - Melbourne Marathon, as fast as I b..........y well can this year, sub 3:20 2022 - Cape Wrath Ultra - 400 km in 8 days through the Scottish Highlands. Signed up and may never be found again......

Don't hope next year is better, make this one count now. - Me A life lived in fear is a life half lived. - Spanish proverb and "Strictly Ballroom"

What Inspires You

My mother and brother (deceased) inspire me to live a healthy life and realise that discomfort I may suffer for training, a voluntary activity, is utterly insignificant when compared to thee pain and suffering they have endured through disease and treatment. My brother fought all the way to the end and NEVER complained or questioned why he had developed cancer, he made the most of every day. I have been extremely lucky to meet Eliud Kipchoge and watch him train on a dirt track in Elodret and then train on that track. The capacity of the Kenyans to maximise what they have, show grace for it and perform brilliantly is good to reflect upon if things don't go to plan here. It was eye opening to watch the Kenyans do their easy days, sometimes running barely faster than a walk.

Big Goals

Sharing with more students (and other people) the satisfaction and benefits of running. Going as close to 3:15 for a marathon as I can, faster would be great but hey, I started late and am in my 50's so we have to keep this realistic. Finishing Cape Wrath Running into my 80s and/or beyond Getting the time to work on swimming and perhaps, just perhaps, one day completing an Ironman.

Nutrition Tips

I have used Bindi Zesty Lemon and Lime Hydration since I started running seriously and love it. I use Bindi Juicy Berry for my mum when she has had an operation or been unwell to keep her fluids and electrolytes up, she really likes it. Bindilyte is also amazing. I ADORE Digest, just love it and the Hot Chocolate. As someone who is not the best sleeper this product has been of great benefit. I am meticulous about refueling after high intensity workouts and strength session, Bindi Vanilla Protein is great. (Women start losing muscle in their 30s!) Don't under estimate the 'easy' in an 'easy' session. Fitness is consolidated during recovery.

Dee's Favourite Bindi Products

Bindi Digest Blend

Digest Blend

Hot chocolate blend with magnesium

Hot Chocolate Sleep Blend

Bindi Natural Sports Hydration Blackcurrant 900g

Sports Hydration 900g Large