Fiona Whelan

woman on bike

Hi I'm Fee, an athlete from Perth, and a proud West Aussie. I love the longer distance run, cycle and swim events and training for them. Sometimes all together in a triathlon race, sometimes not!


Sports have given me so many wonderful and varied opportunities, it's hard to pick one that I am most proud of. Each event has its own challenges and achieving a goal can look different for each event. If I had to pick one recent achievement that I am very proud of, it would have to be my first Ironman which was in Cairns. I came first female all age groups, sub 10 hours, executed a near perfect race, and qualified for Kona. I couldn't have wanted more for my Ironman debut. This year I am continuing triathlon training but my big focus is The Gibb Challenge in May 2021, where I will ride solo the 660km gravel Gibb River Road, over 5 days, raising money for charity.

"Life begins at the end of your comfort zone" Neale Donald

What Inspires You

I am inspired by all the older age group athletes, and my parents who still exercise and are active everyday. I believe that living an active and healthy lifestyle is essential for good physical and mental health..

Big Goals

The goal had been to return to Kona and bring home a Umeke bowl. I have my Kona spot, but 2020 didn't happen and 2021 is looking less and less likely everyday, so fingers crossed for 2022!

Nutrition Tips

Over the years, one thing I have learnt is that everyone is very passionate about their own choices around diet for racing and training! And I guess I am no different. But one thing I think everyone would benefit from is protein for recovery after a training session. I always have a protein shake straight after finishing a session. I am vegetarian so I also make sure I have enough protein intake during the day.

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