Gustavo Ribeiro

Hi, I’m Gustavo, I’m an amateur triathlete from Brazil and a resident in Australia.


I’m very proud of my first Half Ironman 2018, very proud to achieve this in sport after 10 years of laziness!!! This year I’m training for the full Ironman, that's in December 2021. I will certainly smash it!!

My quote of 'live high now' is to put my mind together with my body, connecting with my state of warrior. Breath; Believe; Battle.

What Inspires You

My friends are the ones that inspire me, and I'm looking to be that inspiration to the other people that follow my journey everyday!

Big Goals

My big goal is to finish the Full Ironman 2021 in Busselton!!

Nutrition Tips

Be healthy, eat clean and connect with you body !!

Gustavo's Favourite Bindi Products



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