Heather Writer

Hi, I’m Heather ! I’m a triathlete, runner, ocean swimmer from Brisbane Qld


I've completed Port Macquarie 70.3 three times.

Some sessions are stars and some sessions are stones but in the end they are all rocks and we build upon them - Chrissie Wellington

What Inspires You

There is so many inspiring triathletes out there, I’ve read the Chrissy Wellington book which has motivated me to keep going in triathlon. My Mum inspires me she only decided at 70 she was to start jogging park run and she’s still going 5 years later now.

Big Goals

I’d like to try out each 70.3 offered in Australia. So far I’ve only completed Port Macquarie 70.3. and I’ve signed up for Sunshine Coast 70.3 in September 21.

Nutrition Tips

Fueling my body is important especially training for 70.3’s - if I don’t fuel enough I get too tired to train properly. I make sure I hydrate properly and use protein powder to help with recovery.

Heather's Favourite Bindi Products

Bindi Super Greens Powder

Super Greens

Hot chocolate blend with magnesium

Hot Chocolate Sleep Blend