Jacinta Roberts

Hey, I'm Jacinta! I'm a triathlete/cyclist from Brisbane, Australia.


I did a BQ marathon on my first attempt and raced Noosa Tri just 6 weeks after ORIF surgery on my elbow. This year I am training for my first full Ironman!

Do. Or do not. There is no try. - Yoda

What Inspires You

I'm inspired by my training squad, Energy Lab Triathlon who are probably a bit insane! What sane people start a ride at 12:01am on Christmas Eve? Hahaha Also Lionel Sanders is insanely humble and motivating to watch! #fangirl

Big Goals

I want to race in Kona!

Nutrition Tips

Hydrating well is very important and taking plenty of electrolytes to fight the onset of muscle cramps. Having a carbohydrate hit before/during intervals definitely helps with the intense days.

Jacinta's Favourite Bindi Products

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