Karen tuxford

Hi I'm Karen! Mostly known as @mumof4ontherun and that's exactly what I do - always on the run . I found running four years ago and it has a changed my life in so many ways. The most important way is it has made me mentally strong, and through that I have found a confidence to share my running journey with you all.


My most proud achievement to date is my very first full marathon - the Gold Coast Marathon 2021 sadly due to Covid I had to attempt this one solo as a virtual run. This was really hard but got it done in just under 3hrs . The grand final of the year is my first ultra, the GC50 later next month 🙌🏻

We can do hard things 💪🏻

What Inspires You

My beautiful girls - they inspire me to be a better human every day

Big Goals

The Blackall 50 on the Sunshine coast next year .

Nutrition Tips

Hydration is a big one for me the day before big events and the days after . I have stomach issues with running, so nutrition is incredibly important to my performance.

Karen's Favourite Bindi Products

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