Kimberley Smith

Hey, I’m Kimberley, I’m a triathlete from Baldivis, WA and race with the Rockingham Triathlon Club! I have been using Bindi for about 5 years!


I love long course racing and have finished 7 half Ironman in Busso, and am signed up for number 8 in May! I finally cracked the 6 hour goal in October which I have been chasing for a while. My current focus is 3 Dams at the end of March and I have spent a lot of time on my bike out in the hills recently, which I have never done before! Normally just a freeway bike path athlete! 😊

You can do it!!!

What Inspires You

My sister passed away in 2016 and that is when I turned to long course triathlons! She was so strong and determined all the time to beat cancer and live her best life, so I use her strength to get me through each event I sign up for! My family, friends and partner mean the world to me and are always there for my races and journey!

Big Goals

I will eventually do Ironman!!! I was meant to do it last year and was 100% mentally and physically ready to go, silly covid! If I don’t do it this year, it will be next year for sure!

Nutrition Tips

For me, drinking Bindilyte the day before and morning of an event works really well, then drink Bindi (Juicy Berry) often on the bike to be well hydrated for the run! If I have enough on the bike, I can get through the run well!

Kimberley's Favourite Bindi Products

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