Korey Summers

Hi, I'm Korey! I am a Cross Triathlete from Canberra Australia.


Some of the big achievement I'm proud of are: Running my first marathon in Tokyo 2012 in 3:08 as part of the Indigenous marathon Foundation Running 1:19 In the Australian Half marathon Championships at the Blackmores Sydney Running Festival and receiving a national Bronze medal in the teams division. Finishing my first ever triathlon and Cross Triathlon in February 2021!

"Never Give up!"

What Inspires You

My family, especially my mum who is a huge inspiration to me. Also my Cross Triathlon Coach as he believes in me and pushes me to do my best which I am very grateful for.

Big Goals

A big goal I am aiming for is to qualify for the Cross Triathlon event at the Multisport World Championships held in Townsville next year 2022.

Nutrition Tips

The most important thing I have learnt is to keep well hydrated and be fueled enough before training and racing making sure I take electrolytes before and after as well to recover quickly!

Korey's Favourite Bindi Products

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Bindilyte Tropical low carb Flavours

Bindilyte 120g


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