Lisa Haureliuk

Hi my name is Lisa 😊 I am a swimmer from Canberra, Australia


My first competition back in twenty years was at the Australian Masters Games in Launceston. My kids saw me race for the first time and I won 3 gold medals and one silver in 4 events. I am training for this years Masters Games in Perth.

You are only one swim away from a good mood

What Inspires You

My husband inspires me. He currently holds 4 Australian records in Powerlifting. Without him, I would never have turned back to swimming. He supports and encourages me in every way.

Big Goals

I would like compete at World Championships one day

Nutrition Tips

I have moved to a plant-based diet in the last two months and have felt a huge difference in my energy levels. When competing, I eat easily digestible snacks and of course drink my favourite Bindi Melon Mojo Sports Hydration. It's best to not change your eating habits on race day as it will upset your stomach.

Lisa's Favourite Bindi Products

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