Roxy Jakob

Hi, I'm Roxy! I'm a triathlete from Coutts Crossing, Northern NSW.


I'm a mum to two busy little kiddies - one year old daughter and two year old son. Every time I prioritise my health and pound the pavement, strap on my goggles, or get the wheels rolling it feel likes a massive achievement. I'm currently training for Tweed Aquabike 2022, as well as my favourite Sprint distance triathlons.

"This too shall pass" - I've repeated this one to myself multiple times since my motherhood journey started. It transfers well to training too, on those tough sessions.

What Inspires You

My number athlete I find truly inspiring is Lauren Parker - absolute champion. I have two great, supportive girlfriends that I train with and we love to build each other up and celebrate our achievements together. My children also inspire and motivate me - I want them to value health and exercise as they grow.

Big Goals

I have Tweed Aquabike in February 2022.

Nutrition Tips

I never train on an empty stomach - a bowl of porridge or an egg on toast always does the trick for me. A protein shake works well when I'm time poor.

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