Sarah Thomas

woman finishing ironman race

Hi I'm Sarah. I'm a triathlete and I live in Cairns, Australia. I'm originally from Wales.


I have won my age group at Ironman Cairns for the last 4 years (2017, 2018, 2019, 2020). I have raced the Ironman World Championship in Kona 3 times, and placed top 10 in my age group there twice (2018 and 2019). I also placed top 10 in my age group at the ITU Olympic distance World Championship in 2018.

Seize every opportunity and live with no regrets

What Inspires You

I am inspired by seeing others overcome personal challenges. Everyone has a different story and situation, and therefore we all have a different benchmark for our goals and achievements.

Nutrition Tips

Living in Cairns where it is very hot and humid, hydration is extremely important to me for performance and recovery.