Sophie Foxcroft

Hi, I'm Sophie from Perth, Western Australian. I'm a triathlete, mainly doing long course events.


I'm really proud of my three 70.3 races in Busso. As well as representing Australia in 2018 for the Standard Distance Championships and 2016 for the Duathlon Championships.

"Let's Rock and Roll, Buckaroo!" - doesn't make much sense but I end up saying it whenever I'm about to train or race, am tired or struggling. But only to myself.

What Inspires You

Definitely my training partners, its not often I am able to train with them but it makes my week to!

Big Goals

My big goal this season is do sub 6hrs for the 70.3 Busso in May. I haven't been able to crack it yet.

Nutrition Tips

Continuous hydration is the best thing to do. Just having a water bottle with you, makes it so much easier as well.

Sophie's Favourite Bindi Products

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