Todd Parkin

Hi, I’m Todd! I’m a Runner and Triathlete from Coffs Harbour NSW.


My proudest moments so far in running are: The last Marathon I ran was a PB 3hrs 25min 21sec and the second time I have run a Sub 3hrs 30min. I have also run One Ultra Marathon 61.2km in 5hrs 36min 45sec. That’s the furthest I have ever run.

Pain doesn’t last forever, results do!

What Inspires You

My family inspires me each and every day. They keep me motivated I try and show my wife and kids that anything is possible if you want it.

Big Goals

I have two big goals at the moment: I want to run UTA100 in the Blue Mountains one day. I also want to complete a full Ironman one day, just need to work on my swimming for that (I’m a very poor swimmer).

Nutrition Tips

Hydration is the key to any race or training, start hydrating the day before and during your race/training. If you become thirsty or in need of hydration you are in trouble you have left it to late. Always rehydrate post race/training for a speedy recovery.

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