Yvonne Krikken

athlete and child

Hi I’m Yvonne from Busselton. I’m currently a member and secretary of the Busselton runners club and the local outdoor bootcamp group GeoFit Outdoor. I'm just a casual running mum that does what she does for herself mostly but also to encourage an active lifestyle to my son and hopefully encourage others to get out and try.


After a year of injuries I’m ready to get back into running and hopefully enter as many half marathons as I can in 2021

You only get out of it what you put into it.

What Inspires You

My family

Big Goals

I’d love to run in the Berlin marathon one day.

Nutrition Tips

Keep it simple. Lots of water, healthy foods and a reward every now and then.

Yvonne's Favourite Bindi Products

Bindi Tank

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