New Bindi Headquarter’s favourite 💗🧡💛 Fruit Tingle Electrolyte Smoothie keeps you hydrated, energised and it’s packed with vitamins, minerals, fiber & antioxidants… with a yummy tingle on your tongue!

Apple Oat-Milk Smoothie

Like apple crumble but in a smoothie! This fruit and oat-filled smoothie is not too sweet with sprinkle of cinnamon. Smooth and creamy, with plenty of fibre from the oats, oat-milk, apple and nut butter, it is also packed with vitamins and minerals. Try this satisfying smoothie with plenty of protein for your breakfast.
smoothie in blender

Vanilla Berry Smoothie

Next time you’re in a rush, pop these nutritious ingredients in the blender and you have a ready made (and YUMMY) breakfast as you head out the door…

Perfect Protein Smoothie

Finish training strong with a recovery smoothie to kick-start muscle repair and to support your immune system. This protein smoothie has the perfect 4:1 ratio of carbs to protein; just what your body needs after a hard session!

Strawberry Blast Smoothie

A beautiful, creamy strawberry smoothie with all the goodness you need for a morning boost! It has plenty of protein to keep you full throughout the morning.

Protein Power Smoothie

This protein powerhouse smoothie has to be one of my all time favourites because it can be ready in a flash, yet it is full of flavour and all the nutrients you need to kick-start your day. Medjool dates add just the right amount of sweetness, and the mix of nuts and protein powder will have you feeling satisfied and full of energy. Just blitz and go!
chocolate smoothie

Choc-Mylk Smoothie

Chocolate lovers! It's time to rethink your chocolate-mylk… try this delicious chocolate smoothie for a plant based, anti-inflammatory recovery treat.

Mighty Monkey Smoothie

A healthy high protein smoothie in this Mighty Monkey... mmm what's not to love! Fudgy chocolate and peanut butter, topped off with cinnamon in a protein packed smoothie. Healthy and delicious!
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