stack of pancakes

Vanilla Protein Pancakes

We love these easy protein pancakes after a hard training session. Filling, tasty and healthy mmmm… go crazy with your toppings too!
Protein slice

Protein Bars – no bake!

These no-bake bars are a perfect chocolate-ly protein hit. Easy to make, they keep well in the fridge and will get you through a busy afternoon with a cup of tea!
salad on a plate

Breakfast Salad on Rye Toast

This breakfast salad snuck onto the radar in our Bindi kitchen and it seems it is here to stay. Always looking for tasty ways to sneak extra nutrients into our day, we add leftover roast veggies and poach a couple of eggs on the side. Good to go!
salad in a jar

Everyday Salad Jar

What’s for lunch? This is the perfect ‘salad in a jar’ recipe. Whip three jars of salad together (complete with dressing) and you are ready for a healthy week. Easy!
Chocolate dessert in glass

Chocolate Protein Puddings

Research shows us that protein before sleep can result in greater increases in muscle mass and strength, and can even improve your sleep quality. This tasty protein pudding is the perfect snack to curb the evening cravings!
bowl of protein balls

Bindi Chocolate Protein Balls

These are our original, famous Bindi Protein Balls! We absolutely love these protein balls for an afternoon snack with a cup of green tea! Full of protein and healthy fats, they really hit the spot before an evening training session.
smoothie in blender

Vanilla Berry Smoothie

Next time you’re in a rush, pop these nutritious ingredients in the blender and you have a ready made (and YUMMY) breakfast as you head out the door…
loaf of banana bread with knife

Chocolate Banana Bread

Banana Bread is one of those all-time, delicious classics that we love - but if it's packed with sugar and butter it becomes more of a treat food. Our Bindi gluten-free version is sweetened with fruit, and even sneaks in a serve of veg too. With added organic protein it is both nutritious and filling, making it the perfect go-to snack. Delicious!

Perfect Protein Smoothie

Finish training strong with a recovery smoothie to kick-start muscle repair and to support your immune system. This protein smoothie has the perfect 4:1 ratio of carbs to protein; just what your body needs after a hard session!

Choc – Coconut Lamington Balls

Not your average protein balls - these lamington delights take delish to the next level. Juicy coconut and protein inside, with a crunch of chocolate on the outside. Seriously amazing!