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The importance of nutrition for travelling athletes

Athletes will usually thrive around a routine of training and recovery including healthy nutrition and plenty of sleep.  At home and within our familiar environment, we have everything we need to stay on track. But when it comes to racing it can involve travelling, leaving our regular routines and disruption of sleep and even time zones.   So, how do we retain progress while on the road, and arrive in the best shape possible? Here are some of the best tools for staying on track with nutrition, even while you’re on the road.

Adaptogens: playing a vital role in sports nutrition

Sports nutrition is an essential player in athletic performance, no matter your chosen sport or the level you compete at. Nutrient timing around training days, competition days and rest days become a crucial component of your performance ability. Every athlete is on the hunt for the magic formula to give them a competitive ‘edge’ to…

Weight loss; does training more and eating less really work?

When it comes to weight loss, a simple search will reveal hundreds of methods from keto, intermittent fasting, cleanses and many more. Ask anyone and they will have a different opinion. Whether you are at the beginning of your health journey or looking to drop some kilos to reach a racing target, the range of…

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