Independent product testing gives confidence in Bindi

At Bindi, we have chosen to undertake voluntary and independent product testing by HASTA for WADA banned substances. Not only did our sports hydration product pass the stringent HASTA testing, but like all our range is some of the most effective on the market.

3 Smart strategies to avoid the Christmas bulge

It’s time to enjoy all Christmas has to offer, so we turned to Simone Allen from Nutrition Works for her three top strategies to help you enjoy the festive season! Wishing you Merry Christmas from the Bindi Team x

Endurance Swim Nutrition

“Endurance swimming is not about who can do the most amount of training, on the least amount of fuel.¬†Practice your race nutrition in training, as your performance will improve in the KEY sessions, as will your guts’ ability to tolerate and digest fuel come race day”. Read on for some fantastic advice from leading Sports Dietitian David Bryant on how to nail your endurance swim nutrition.