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How to Carb Load for Race Day

Getting ready for a big race?  Wondering what all the carb-loading hype is about?  The purpose of carbohydrate loading is to give you the energy you need to complete an endurance event with less fatigue and to improve your athletic performance on race day. Heavy training will deplete your muscle glycogen stores, so in the lead up to a race a combination of tapered training and increased carbohydrate intake with have your muscles replenished and perfectly primed for race day.   

The Ultimate Guide to Carbs

Trendy fad diets tend to contradict each other. While some include carbohydrates, others altogether avoid them or differentiate between good and bad carbs. It can be challenging to know what information to trust or what approach is right for you. With our ultimate guide to carbs, you can ditch the fads and better understand how…

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