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Feeling tired? How to improve your sleep and recovery

We all know we feel better after a good night’s sleep.  But as athletes, while we are often highly committed to our training sessions and love to tick those completion boxes, the reality is that we don’t always prioritize our recovery in the same way.

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Vital support for your immune system

Taking care of your immune system is always important, but even more so if you are facing any stress in your life.  Stress can be in many forms, including a heavy training load, nutritional stress from a sub-standard diet, or physiological stress from an intense job or challenges in your personal life. And what happens when we get stressed, tired, or run down?  We get sick.  Which is the last thing you want if you’re training for a big event, or you’re just simply trying to stay as healthy as possible in everyday life.   

The Importance of Sports Nutrition for Travelling Athletes

At Bindi Nutrition, we’re athletes ourselves, and we understand the importance of sports nutrition when we’re hitting the gym, training, and preparing for a race or competition. At home and within our familiar environment, we have everything we need to stay on track. But when it comes to travelling, leaving our regular routines can throw…

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