The Link Between Magnesium And Good Health Explained

When it comes to nutrients calcium, protein, carbohydrates and fats are often the first that come to mind, however did you know that magnesium is one of the most beneficial yet under consumed nutrients? Here’s the link between magnesium and good health.

Magnesium is one of many minerals that fall under the umbrella term ‘micro-nutrient’. A micro-nutrient is a substance that is required by the body in trace amounts for good health and well-being. Other micro-nutrients include water- and fat-soluble vitamins, micro minerals and trace minerals.

Minerals in particular play a part in forming the hard-bony structure of the body as well as regulating water balance, nerve response and muscle contraction. Minerals can also be classified as major or trace. Major minerals include: calcium, phosphorous, iron, chloride, magnesium, potassium, sodium and sulphur. Trace minerals include: zinc, copper, manganese, selenium and fluoride to name a few.

Why Magnesium Is Important: 

If you want a better night’s sleep it might be time to re-assess your diet to see if you’re getting enough magnesium as there is a key link between magnesium and good health. Low magnesium levels can often result in a poor and restless sleep. Magnesium helps to counteract this and promote a more restful sleep by increasing the effects of the neurotransmitter gamma-aminobutyric acid.

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For athletes and gym enthusiasts alike, magnesium has often been a trusted ally due to its ability to ease cramps as well as frazzled nerves. Try having a warm bath with magnesium post training or just before bed to soothe sore muscles and promote calm. You can also purchase magnesium as a topical spray, which is beneficial if you have a particular group of muscles that are sore.

Why Does Your Body Need Magnesium?

Did you know that magnesium plays a role in over 300 biochemical functions within the body? It helps to carry out tasks such as regulating muscle and nerve function, blood pressure and blood sugar levels. It is a nutrient needed by your body to stay healthy.

 Health Benefits of Magnesium Include:

  1. Lower blood pressure
  2. Improved heart health
  3. Prevents migraines
  4. Healthy bones
  5. Promotes a good night’s sleep
  6. Improves digestion and alleviates constipation
  7. Easing of stress and anxiety
The link between magnesium and good health

How Much Magnesium Do I Need?

Magnesium isn’t naturally produced by the body, so it’s important that you consume the recommended daily intake (RDI) of 320mg for women, and 420mg for men.

Lifestyle factors such as stress, poor diet and a lack of Vitamin D as well as over-exercising can impact your magnesium levels.

Magnesium is a powerful nutrient with incredible health benefits. It plats a crucial role in energy production as the mitochondria in your cells rely on it to produce energy. Therefore, feeling tired and a lack of energy may be a sign that you lack magnesium. Increasing your intake could help to improve your energy levels and benefit your sleep.

Try Magnesium for Yourself: 

We have created our very own Bindi Magnesium sleep blend in our new HOT CHOCOLATE MIX.

Infused with Magnesium for tired muscles and soothing Ashwaganda, it is designed to relax and calm you ready for sleep.

Nutritionally rich and low in sugar, our vegan sleep blend is the perfect healthy night-time routine.

hot chocolate drink mix



Schwalfenberg GK, Genuis SJ. The Importance of Magnesium in Clinical Healthcare. Scientifica (Cairo). 2017;2017:4179326. doi:10.1155/2017/4179326

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Taste our clean & natural, Australian nutrition products and you won’t look back! All the energy you need to achieve peak performance is right here.

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