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This week in the Bindi Athlete Interview Series we interviewed Audrey, an exceptional middle distance and mountain runner. Audrey has had an intense upbringing in sport and suffered from numerous injuries. Read on to see how she has adapted her training to be able to win national and international titles off a relatively low mileage. Her results speak for themselves and here is how she does it…

Introducing Audrey:

Hi, I am Audrey Hall, and I am a distance runner coming back from a femoral stress fracture and am currently extremely unfit! 

I came from a gymnastics, diving and dance background, started triathlon at school and then decided to see how far I could go with running. 

I love running, it’s my passion and outlet. I love striving towards goals and surpassing them. I love travelling, meeting amazing humans and competing against the best in the world.

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Here’s Audrey’s Outstanding Track Record:

2015 & 2018 Gold Medallist at the Mountain Running Nationals 

Audrey has represented Australia at the World Championships three times in Mountain Running (in Wales – 2015, Italy – 2017 & Argentina – 2018).

Four times Gold Medallist at the Oceania and Melanesian Track Championships in the 1500m, 3km & 5km, representing Australia

This season, although cut short due to Covid, Audrey won the NSW State Mountain Running Championships, the Steeplechase State Gold, 10km Brooks Running Festival, Student Athletic Games ANQ 5km Gold and Lindfield Rotary 10km in a course record!

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you came from a very athletic upbringing, why did you choose running over gymnastics, dance, diving and triathlon?

I had a lot of bad injuries and lost my passion for gymnastics. I got into running at school after a teacher recommended that I try out for the XC team, and I started triathlons as well. I went from state to nationals to worlds as a junior ITU athlete very quickly, but wanted to concentrate on improving my running after doing better than I had expected at the National Cross Country Championships.

I also found that running provided a great way to be in control of my emotions after my mum passed away. I feel that running is the best therapy and it really saved me!  

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What does a typical training week involve for you?

A typical training week would look like:

Monday – easy run 8-10km & strength work

Tuesday – track session with shorter reps, e.g. 400m reps

Wednesday – recovery run – all on grass & strength work

Thursday – track session with longer reps, e.g. 1km reps

Friday – either day off or x-training such as swimming

Saturday – 5km park run or tempo (I love being involved in the community!)

Sunday – long run around 15km

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Aside from your current injury, have you experienced setbacks in sport and what has helped you overcome them?

I have had a lot of injuries, probably from my gymnastics background, so I often use injuries as an opportunity to immerse myself in other things, for example my studies.

I am studying Law & Psychology at the University of Sydney; I also enjoy Latin dancing and try to use each injury to learn different lessons.

I think it is important to stay positive during setbacks, as if you get into a negative mindset, it can become a vicious cycle. Thinking about the little things you can work on, for example strength and conditioning, can help you come back stronger than you were before.

Outside of running, what do you find gives you balance in life?

I find my studies, friends outside of running, reading, surfing, tennis and dancing all play their part in making sure I am all rounded.

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What tips do you have for readers about time management and fitting in training around their busy life?

If you love something and really want something, you can make it work. You have to be organised if you want to reach a certain level and you can’t do things half-heartedly.

You have to put everything into it and allow time for rest.

Another thing that I am going to take from this injury is that rest is really important if you want to achieve a lot of things. Rest after a session is just as important as the training session itself.

You have to put everything into it and allow time for rest.

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Why did you choose Bindi?

I just love Bindi and love being part of such a great community. I love the flavours and it works for me. I have had a lot of issues with other brands as I have a sensitive stomach and am gluten free, but I seem to digest Bindi really well.

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