Jon Ault

I’m Jonathon Ault, I’m a mountain biker from Perth, West Australia.


For my first year of racing and riding real trials, I’m proud that I could pull 8th in the state downhill series and looking to do just as well in WAGE for 2021. I'm currently sitting 14th in the Wa Gravity Enduro series for 2021.

Put in the hard work and you will make it anywhere.

What Inspires You

A big inspiration to me is seeing people and kids riding their bikes and absolutely loving it, it makes me happy want to keep striving to always get better.

Big Goals

Im definitely aiming to travel Australia and Attend the National Downhill races next year in Maydena and New Zealand. Always Improving my speed and fitness incredibly on and off the bike everyday. Working towards finishing top 10 in the Wa Gravity Enduro Series for 2021.

Nutrition Tips

Bindi Sports Hydration and Bindilyte definitely restores some energy for me to keep pushing as hard as I can possibly go, and a lot of water and fruits.

Jon's Favourite Bindi Products

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