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Why Electrolytes are Important Before and After Exercise

“Electrolytes” is one of those buzzwords you hear when learning about health, exercise, and nutrition. Athletes often stock up on electrolyte-infused drinks after working out, but not everyone understands the significance of these minerals. There’s a science behind the theory of both preloading before exercise, and rehydrating afterwards. Both are equally essential to the performance…

High Protein

9 ways with protein powder

So, you got yourself a big bag of delicious protein powder and you want to increase your protein intake, but now you are are wondering how to use it? Don’t get stuck just mixing with water, here we have nine creative ways to use your protein and add variety to your diet.

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Feeling tired? How to improve your sleep and recovery

We all know we feel better after a good night’s sleep.  But as athletes, while we are often highly committed to our training sessions and love to tick those completion boxes, the reality is that we don’t always prioritize our recovery in the same way.

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3 Ways to Tell if You Have a Healthy Relationship with Food

As athletes, we are constantly looking for an extra edge when it comes to training, racing, winning and simply improving ourselves to become fitter, faster, stronger and healthier! However, how much is too much of a good thing when a healthy obsession turns into self-destruction from a nutrition perspective?

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The travelling triathlete Brandon Copeland

Travelling can be a big part of the sport of triathlon – whether it is a few hours to a race or even overseas.  The tricky logistics of nutrition, hydration and bike transport can really derail your ideal race. Our star Bindi athlete Brandon, travels regularly for races, so we pumped him for his best advice on avoiding the pitfalls such as dehydration, food poisoning and mechanicals.

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Staying hydrated in winter (without the sugar!)

Studies are showing us that dehydration can affect your mood, brain function and performance.  Basically, even mild dehydration can lead to lowered mood, increased fatigue and a decline in your ability to think clearly. Given that the human body is made up of 60% water, the daily consumption of water is essential for our survival.  

women riding a roadbike


Jacinta Roberts is new to the sports of triathlon and cycling. After leading a relatively inactive lifestyle whilst growing up, Jacinta made the shift to sport when the pandemic arrived. She decided to buy a bike and capitalised on every opportunity to get out of the house and go for a ride. As with most endurance sport enthusiasts, she soon became addicted!

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Sometimes having a rest is undoubtedly the best thing you can do. But often as athletes we fight doing so and don’t give our bodies the long rest and recovery they are Whatever sport or type of activity you do, it is always important to take a break from it physically, mentally and emotionally. Doing so will leave you fresh and fighting to go, and can often reignite that competitive spirit within you, which can easily be lost when putting in the hours day in, day out, sometimes unquestioningly.


Kimberley Smith is certainly not your average age group athlete, or average athlete by any means. After losing her sister to cancer several years ago, she began the sport as a way of dealing with her grief and she found it transformed her life. She is as humble as ever, but brave too, doing her first triathlon on a friend’s bike with only one swim, one bike and a couple of runs under her belt! An impressive feat to say the least.

women riding a bike


I recently took the time to chat with Marley-Jo (MJ), who is a female police offer, triathlete and mother of two children, one of whom has severe learning difficulties and epilepsy. MJ works long hours in Highway Patrol and often survives off two to three hours’ sleep, as her son, Denver, struggles to sleep. Yet she still makes time to train and values it all the more as a result of her circumstances. Sport is a luxury, which many in other countries cannot afford. Marley-Jo certainly does not waste a moment and understands the importance of health, fitness and nutrition in not only performance, but also productivity and maintaining quality of life.

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