Kirsty Tweddle

Hi, I’m Kirsty from Barwon Heads (near Geelong) in the beautiful south coast of Victoria, Australia. I’m an ocean and pool and cold water swimmer.


I’ve just competed my first 10km marathon open water swim, and now planning a longer swim.

I don’t swim to win competitions, nor do I swim to other people’s acceptances, I swim to escape this world. I swim to find peace with myself. I swim to feel free, And I swim to feel strong (Author unknown).

What Inspires You

As I start my marathon swimming journey, I’m very inspired by marathon swimmers around the globe. My friend Jacqui was my first inspiration (Ironman tri and 40km marathon swimmer). My coach Sarah Thomas is incredible - first person in history to swim the English Channel non-stop four ways. And other great marathon swimmers such as Beth French and Chloe McCardle. Also love watching people achieve Ice Miles (1 mile in under 5°C water) and do incredible swims in cold water.

Big Goals

A 23km marathon swim around the coast locally. English Channel relay (or perhaps solo) in 2022.

Nutrition Tips

Warm electrolyte/carbohydrate drinks while swimming in cold water really helps.

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