Michael Chidley

Hi, I’m Chids! I’m a Les Mills National Trainer and Presenter for Les Mills Asia Pacific and Online Coach from Perth, Western Australia.


I have completed many obstacle course races and also finished within the top 0.5% of WA whilst completing high school for students enrolled in a Sport and Recreation qualification (completed my Certificate III and IV in Fitness during Years 11 & 12).

This is me! Be unapologetically yourself and own the day.

What Inspires You

My fellow trainers and also the members that come to my classes day in day out, week to week and show their support over the years. So much love for them and what we create as a community.

Big Goals

For me my big goals are about creating as much impact as possible in each interaction I have with a client, business and the world. The ripple effect of what we do in the fitness industry is incredible and want to continue learning and then sharing to empower everyone else to create changes. Leading the change!

Nutrition Tips

Putting more emphasis on things that will benefit you by behaviours: - Hydrating well - Eating sufficient protein with each meal - Keeping variety in what we eat to gain essential vitamins and minerals from our food sources - Focus on good sleep patterns/hygiene - Find your people. Surround yourself with the right people what will push you to be better.

Michael's Favourite Bindi Products

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