Zane Reeves

Hi everyone! My name is Zane (or Z for short). I am an ex-professional basketballer player turned triathlete. My home town where I currently reside is Adelaide, South Australia but have spent some time interstate.


Playing against and sharing the the court with some of the best basketballers that Australia has produced. Cracking the top 10 in my age group at my second ever sprint distance triathlon in Jan 2021

No bird soars to high, if it soars with its own wings

What Inspires You

Personal growth. After dealing with addiction and depression from my mid 20's and in to my early 30's I know first hand on how low life can get. My inspiration is to never be back in those places ever again, learning a new sport and pushing myself to limits that I never thought possible previously.

Big Goals

Going sub 6 hours in my first IM70.3 later this year and completing my first IM in the next 12 months. Working towards going sub 5hrs in IM70.3 and sub 12hr in an IM. Working towards being a constant feature in the age group top 5 at local sprint distance and Olympic distance races next season.

Nutrition Tips

Consume as much plant-based nutrition as possible. My diet is 90% plant-based and have found the more I consume of this the better I feel, the better I perform and life is just that much better.

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