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3 Ways to Tell if You Have a Healthy Relationship with Food

As athletes, we are constantly looking for an extra edge when it comes to training, racing, winning and simply improving ourselves to become fitter, faster, stronger and healthier! However, how much is too much of a good thing when a healthy obsession turns into self-destruction from a nutrition perspective?

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Jacinta Roberts is new to the sports of triathlon and cycling. After leading a relatively inactive lifestyle whilst growing up, Jacinta made the shift to sport when the pandemic arrived. She decided to buy a bike and capitalised on every opportunity to get out of the house and go for a ride. As with most endurance sport enthusiasts, she soon became addicted!

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I recently took the time to chat with Marley-Jo (MJ), who is a female police offer, triathlete and mother of two children, one of whom has severe learning difficulties and epilepsy. MJ works long hours in Highway Patrol and often survives off two to three hours’ sleep, as her son, Denver, struggles to sleep. Yet she still makes time to train and values it all the more as a result of her circumstances. Sport is a luxury, which many in other countries cannot afford. Marley-Jo certainly does not waste a moment and understands the importance of health, fitness and nutrition in not only performance, but also productivity and maintaining quality of life.

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We all think our bodies are invincible, but there’s always a chance we could break. Trainers and athletes especially need to stay cautious of what they’re doing in order to be successful; every session counts! We just want to make the most out of it so we can feel satisfied with ourselves at the end of the day – no matter how hard we pushed. However, it’s tricky to know when you’re pushing yourself too hard without taking care of yourself properly- so here’s some tips on how to tell whether you’re going too far one way or another (and when you should back off)!

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Alex is an Ironman triathlete and nurse from Western Australia. She lived and breathed triathlon for several years whilst training and racing for Ironman. Her reason for racing was not to be the best in the field, but to conquer the demons in her head. Her thoughts told her she couldn’t on countless occasions, yet she told herself, she could. Alex then went on to finish two of the most gruelling Ironman races in Australia!

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Asha Hickford is a National and International in-line speed skater from Western Australia who is only 17 years old and already a National Record Holder for both the marathon and 500m speed skating events! Her training not only involves skating, but also gym work, stability and strength training, explosive as well as endurance sessions and the patience and dedication of champion.

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Sam Harris is new to the sport of triathlon and already securing his spot at the top in all of the races he has touched down on the start line of. Determined as ever, and despite several injury setbacks, Sam plans on qualifying for the Sprint Distance Age Group World Championships to represent Australia.

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Top Things to do in Busselton in Ironman Week

There is no doubt that Busselton in December is absolutely buzzing. The town is fills with Ironman athletes clad in compression gear… the foreshore bursts with marquees and red carpet… and the atmosphere is electric. Although this year may look a little different in Busselton, it is sure to be an exciting week. Here is a list of the ‘go-to’ places to visit in Busselton… so you can spend more time with a long black in hand and your feet up!

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Race day Nutrition Plan for Ironman

Racing an Ironman can be one of the most exhilarating and incredible experiences of your life.  It can also be a totally awful day and a lot of this comes down to your nutrition choices.  If you’ve watched or raced an Ironman you’ve seen it before; athletes blowing up on the bike, vomiting on the run, cramping, collapsing at the finish line and being carted off into the medical tent.  Ironman racing can get messy at best and dangerous at worst.  This can happen to a lesser degree in other sports, but Ironman is a day when you can’t hide from your nutritional decisions.    

Adaptogens: playing a vital role in sports nutrition

Sports nutrition is an essential player in athletic performance, no matter your chosen sport or the level you compete at. Nutrient timing around training days, competition days and rest days become a crucial component of your performance ability. Every athlete is on the hunt for the magic formula to give them a competitive ‘edge’ to…

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