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Should I use supplements in training?

Every day there seems to be a new product on the market, many with incredible claims that are big on marketing and fresh appeal of new promises.  It can be hard to know if they work, or for you to even find the time and resources to research their amazing product claims.

Pre-Workouts and Gym Performance

It’s no secret that whether you’re in the gym, on the track or in the pool, proper nutrition is essential to maximise your workout. Pre-workouts supplements are marketed to athletes and active people as the ultimate fuel, providing an instant energy boost and helping you to power through your workout. However, will they give you…

What is Carb Cycling and Does it Help With Training?

When athletes are training, they set exercise routines that include both easy days and hard days. And as they plan for these cycles, many athletes find it advantageous to adjust their diets and follow trends like carb-cycling. As sports nutrition shows us, some diet changes can help enhance our athletic performance. They can even help…

Why are Electrolytes for Sports so Important

Why are Electrolytes for Sports so Important If you’re an athlete or enjoy sports and exercise, you’ve probably heard of electrolytes. It’s one of those standard terms we all seem to know, but maybe we don’t quite understand its complexity. In essence, they’re essential minerals that support many of our body’s vital functions. They’re critical…

Sports Nutrition and the FODMAP Diet

In sports nutrition, understanding how foods react with your body is the key to boosting your endurance. A low FODMAP diet is a great way to do just that!