Ann-Marie Ryan

runner with medal

Hi I’m Ann-Marie, I love to explore trails either hiking or doing my best to run/walk. Thursday nights you’ll find me with Manning Park Trail Runners leading the hike group. I live in Perth SOR - not far from Fremantle.


Last year I participated in my first trail events - Sky Fox (PTS); The Mighty Jarrah 6k Dwellingup & the 4th leg of a relay team at the MRU. This year I’ve just completed the 6k of the OMFG Ultra Series at Swan Hill Tunnel & will be back to Sky Fox 🦊 soon. I’m also in the process of getting my training sorted for some longer events later this year.

Always look behind 'cause that view can be as spectacular as the view in front of you & show you where you’ve come from.

What Inspires You

The trails community, Manning Park Trail Runners have inspired & been there to give me a lift when needed. The best hugs are given at the completion of your event by those who know what you’ve overcome to be there.

Big Goals

To complete a half marathon or half ultra marathon.

Nutrition Tips

Hydration is an absolute key in before & after with exercise either for day to day or for particular events. Bindi electrolytes have helped me with some severe cramps & I absolutely love all of their products.

Ann-Marie's Favourite Bindi Products

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