Cassia Boglio

I'm Cassia, a road cyclist from Perth living on the Sunshine Coast in Queensland.


I used to race elite level triathlon and am now am road cycling for an NRS team. I have a very busy year ahead with lots of racing around Australia!

This year on the bike is gonna be fun

What Inspires You

My family, particularly my grandpa and mum who both race, are huge inspirations for me. Also the people I'm surrounded by at training and racing, they push me to be the best I can be everyday, which I'm exceptionally grateful for.

Big Goals

I hope to make it professional one day and race on a World Tour team in Europe.

Nutrition Tips

The most important thing I've learnt this year is to fuel enough in training, finding ride snacks that work for you is imperative for performance and getting through long or hard sessions.

Cassia's Favourite Bindi Products

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